BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware

Release Notes for v2.7.13

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What's New


Sun Fire Mx000 (XSCF)

The following features have been implemented in this version:

monitoring of the DC-to-DC converters
complete support for the I/O expansion units (I/O boards, power supplies, uplink and downlink cards).
monitoring of the CPU and memory boards (not just the CPUs and memory modules.
monitoring of the Crossbar and Clock units on M9000 systems

IBM Director 6.1.2

Adds support for IBM Director Platform Agent 6.1.2.

noteIBM Director 6.1.0 and 6.1.1 are not supported as they do not provide the necessary hardware information.

Sun Servers (Solaris)

Monitoring of Power Supply inputs.

New parameters

SEN_HW_NETWORK: New parameter "Connected To Physical Address" added.
SEN_HW_CAPACITYREPORT: New parameter "Degrees Below Warning " added.

New Features

SNMP Port: The input property "SNMP Port" is now added so that the clients can configure the snmp port directly on the Portal web console. The default port number is 161.

New platforms

Cisco UCS systems are now supported
ESX4i systems are now supported
HP MSA Disk Arrays (All HP Servers) are now supported

Changes and Improvements

SEN_HW_DISKCONTROLLER: Additional information such as BiosVersion, FirmwareVersion, DriverVersion of the disk controller will be displayed on the parameter Locator.
LSI Logic SAS RAID: Gives information about physical disks and volumes of LSI Logic SAS RAID controllers through the lsiutil utility running on Windows platform.
Sun Fire Mx000 (XSCF): The power consumption evaluation has been improved.

Fixed Issues

The following problems were reported in earlier releases and have been corrected in this release.

Solaris: The detection of the connector file MS_HW_AdptStorManUnix.hdf was not performed correctly.
Hitachi Disk Arrays: Problem in detecting automatically the WBEM namespace.
IBM AIX: Hardware Sentry was not able to report the correct number of Memory modules on some AIX servers.
Fujitsu FSC Raid: False alarms during the RAID Controller Battery's maintenance.
ESX4i Servers: Support for ESX4i
HP MSA Disk Arrays-All HP Servers: Additional fake internal enclosures that are reported as external by numerous HP systems have been removed.
IBM Director 5.20: Incorrect activation of IBM Director 5.20 connector on servers running IBM Director 6.1.2.
Sun Solaris FANs: False alarm that was triggered on self-regulating fans.
Sun Fire Mx000 (XSCF): Discovery of processors and memory modules on separate boards on M8000 and M9000 systems; monitoring of the Operator panel and XSCF units on M8000 and M9000 systems; and unknown state status for power supplies.
IBM DS Storage Systems (smcli):Recognizes the status "Near Expiration" for Batteries.
HP Proliant Servers (WMI):Power Supply monitoring status not correctly monitored.