BMC Performance Manager Express for NetApp Filers

Release Notes for v3.0.00

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What's New

Re-written to provide better visibility in the health performance and activity of the NetApp Filers. From the disk space allocation to the data traffic on each LUN, the replication activity, and the various protocols metrics, the new solution provides a comprehensive view of every aspect of the NetApp Filers versatility.

The various NetApp Filer main application classes have been merged to simplify the configuration of the monitoring solution.
The representation of the hierarchy of Aggregates, Volumes and Quotas is now more accurate.
Metrics disseminated in different application classes are now more rationally attached to the appropriate instances.
Full support for the snapshot, snapmirror and snapvault features has been implemented.
The parameter names are now much more consistent across different classes.

warningDue to the dramatic structural changes operated in BMC Performance Manager Express for NetApp Filer, there is no automatic upgrade mechanism from previous versions (2.x) to 3.0.00. Older versions can actually run with this version side-by-side. Once the administrator chooses to unload the older version all metrics that had been collected will be lost.