BMC Performance Manager Express Monitoring Studio

Release Notes for v2.5.21

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What's New

The product is fully compatible with BMC Portal 2.9.00 (RSM 64 bits)
The Collection Interval can now be set to 1 minute for all the application classes.

Fixed Issues

Path for scripts stored in the RSM was not discovered and prevented the script to be executed.
To comply with network security standards, the access permission to the folders that store the temporary files created on a remote element is restricted to the folder's owner or to the system administrator. The access rights were previously set to "Everyone" leading to security issues.
Some commands using SSH were not always executed properly and returned a Java exception.
The product failed to execute WMI queries on a remote Windows system and returned a Java exception.
When searching for a string in a file, the Performance Manager did not take into account the specified column number making the search fail.
Wildcards were not properly handled while performing search for file names.