BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management - HP 3PAR Storage Monitoring

Release Notes v1.1.00

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What's New

When a new HP 3PAR Storage System is added, the monitoring solution now instantaneously creates the corresponding Monitor in the BPPM console without waiting for the discovery to complete.
The Port Count attribute has been added to the HP 3PAR Storage System monitor type to report on the number of ports on the storage system.
The monitoring solution now provides support for WQL query in WBEM client based on SBLIM method.
The Inbound Bandwidth Utilization, Outbound Bandwidth Utilization and Bandwidth Utilization attributes have been added to the HP 3PAR FC Port and HP 3PAR SAS Port monitor types to measure the bandwidth (inbound, outbound and overall) used by these ports .
The Unknown Status setting option has been added to set actions to be performed when the monitoring solution is unable to detect the status of a monitored device.
The Estimated Free System Space attribute has been added to the HP 3PAR Storage Pool monitor type to report on the free space available in the storage pool.

Changes and Enhancements

The error message displayed in debug files when querying an SMI-S Provider that does not support the HP 3PAR namespace has been improved to be more explicit.
The mechanism that handles the parsing of WBEM queries has been improved to reduce the consumption of CPU and memory resources.
The Consumed Capacity attribute of the HP 3PAR Storage Pool monitor type now includes the Snap Administration Space.

Fixed Issues

The Subscribed Capacity for storage pools was not properly calculated. The computation method has therefore been changed and is now the sum of the host visible capacity for mapped volumes.