BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management - HP 3PAR Storage Monitoring

Release Notes v1.1.02

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What's New

These attributes were added to the HP 3PAR Pool monitor type:
Estimated Free Space Pct to report on the percentage of free space available in the storage pool.
Estimated Pool Capacity  to report on the estimated capacity of the storage pool.
Estimated Subscribed Capacity Pct to report on the estimated subscribed capacity in the storage pool.
The new attribute Access Status was added to the HP 3PAR Volume monitor type to report on the volume status.

Changes and Improvements

It is now possible to configure specific alert actions to be executed when a problem occurs.


Known Issues

Because virtual copy volumes are always in read-only mode, alerts are  improperly triggered on the Access Status attribute of the HP 3PAR Volume monitor type. To modify this default behavior, administrators will have to modify thresholds for each virtual copy volume using wpconfig or PCM.