EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v3.1.00

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What's New

EMC Disk Arrays KM PATROL is now compatible with BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration. This feature is supported by BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management version 9.0.00.
Reports Scheduling: Storage systems activity and LUNs Mapping Table reports can now be generated every day at a specific time. The information, retrieved as a text file, can later be used by other tools such as BMC Capacity Optimization.
The new parameter PreferredOwnerStatus was added to the SEN_EMC_VOLUME class to report whether the volume is currently owned by the configured preferred storage controller. This parameter is not available on EMC Symmetrix storage systems.
New configuration variables were added: forceClassicConfigMode, staticThresholdsParameterList, debugEndTime, exportScheduling, exportActivityReports, exportLUNsMappingTable, and unexpectedStatusInternalIssueNotification

Changes and Enhancements

The Debug mode was modified to ensure BPPM 9.x compatibility.

KM Commands

The KM commands menu has been reorganized.
The "Restore Device Monitoring" KM command was renamed "Restore Monitoring". The user interface was also simplified to reduce the number of operations required to restore the monitoring of a component.


It is no longer necessary to select the "Array" sorting order when running the "LUNs Mapping Table" report on a specific array.


"Status" and "StatusInformation" parameters were removed from the SEN_EMC_CONTROLLER application class since this information is already provided by Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL.
The ResponseTime parameter of the SEN_EMC_PHYSICALDISK class is no longer collected when the level of I/O is too low (less than 100 operations between two collects). This avoids false warning from being triggered on unused disks (typically spare disks).


Fixed Issues

Some special characters were not supported in a password, leading to the product not being able to connect to the EMC Disk Arrays.
LUNs Mapping Table: LUN sizes were not properly displayed when sorting the table by size.

Known Issue

When port and encryption settings are not compatible, encryption selected on port 5988 for example, the connection to the SMI-S provider is lost and the monitored devices are no longer displayed in the PATROL Console. Connection information will only be displayed in the console upon the next polling (15 minutes by default).