EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v4.1.00

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What's New

New Monitoring Features

The KM now provides support for WQL query in WBEM client based on SBLIM method.
When a new EMC SMI-S Provider is added, the KM now instantaneously creates the corresponding instance in the PATROL console without waiting for the discovery to complete.

Changes and Enhancements

The AvailableCapacity parameter for Symmetrix Storage Systems now includes the Available Capacity in Thin Pools.
The mechanism that handles the parsing of WBEM queries has been improved to reduce the consumption of CPU and memory resources.
The error message displayed in debug files when querying an SMI-S Provider that does not support the EMC namespace has been improved to be more explicit.
The product now processes the Host Visible Capacity as a parameter for both SEN_EMC_VOLUME_CLAR and SEN_EMC_VOLUME_SYMM. It was previously displayed in the classes Infobox.

Fixed Issues

The value of the OperationRate parameter is now null when the total number of operations per second performed by the system cannot be computed.
The KM no longer reports all devices as missing when the EMC SMI-S provider is not unavailable.
An exception, which prevented the KM from collecting information about the system, occurred while discovering Disk Groups.
From now on, the storage system's instance name will always be displayed in the PATROL console even though this instance name is null or empty (using the WBEM Name property).