EMC Networker KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v2.7.00

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What's New

Ability to disable custom events from the KM.
NSR_JOB_CONTAINER application class:
The NSRSaveGrpManualSaves parameter was added to indicate whether the manual saves are enabled or not.
The Save Groups Alert Acknowledgement command was added to set the method to be used to acknowledge alerts.
The NSRLogRendered parameter was added to monitor whether raw log files are rendered in runtime.
Debug mode: The time during which the debug information is logged can now be set by the user.

Changes and Improvements

The FailOver KM Command was renamed Monitoring Mode.
The job duration calculation method has been improved: job duration/age and job state duration are calculated using the current time instead of job collector start time.
<Component>Summary: Duplicate fields in summary text parameters are removed. Only the first entry is kept and all repetitions are ignored even when their values are different.
The KM performance has been improved to support large number EMC Networker components.
The delay required to perform a discovery following an Agent restart has been substantially reduced.

Fixed Issues

No library instances created: Local and remote jukeboxes could not be monitored as no instances were created or monitored.
EMC NetWorker jukeboxes: No devices were monitored and no instances were created.
Old save groups not being updated: The BACKUP_DETAIL (mminfo) command arguments, used to collect information about save groups, were not properly processed and passed to the command.
Executing commands as a user with a bash shell environment: In a bash shell environment the KM failed to discover most NetWorker objects. The commands have been modified to support the bash shell.
Warnings triggered for Empty NetWorker Logs: The JOB_LIST and JOB_TEXT commands have been modified to support empty logs. As a consequence, no more warning is triggered when the NetWorker logs are empty.
Warnings triggered on NSRLoginStatus:  the JOB_TEXT and DEVICE_DETAIL commands reporting embedded text messages were incorrectly interpreted by the KM.
Incorrect management of date/time and elapsed time displayed by the KM for some timezones.
Due to a misinterpretation of the 'O' status, the DaemonState parameter was set to "Unknown" while the deamon was actually running.
Active jobs were not discovered on Linux platforms.
Debug Mode ZIP output: On Windows 2008, the KM failed to create a ZIP archive with the content of the debug mode.
Monitoring Mode: When the Multi-node mode is activated, the KM will no longer prompt for PATROL account credential.