EMC Networker KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v2.8.01

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What's New

This version of EMC Networker KM for PATROL is now fully compatible with NetWorker v8.x.
New parameters available:
NSRClientExecTime was added to the NSR_CLIENT_CONTAINER application class.
NSRDaemonExecTime was added to the NSR_DAEMON_CONTAINER application class.
NSRDatabaseExecTime was added to the NSR_DATABASE_CONTAINER class.
NSRLogExecTime was added to the NSR_LOG_CONTAINER class.
NSRGroupExecTime was added to the NSR_POLICY_CONTAINER class.
NSRSaveGrpExecTime was added to the NSR_JOB_CONTAINER class.
NSRRequestExecTime was added to the NSR_MOUNT_CONTAINER class.
NSRJukeboxExecTime was added to the NSR_LIBRARY_CONTAINER class.
NSRDeviceExecTime was added to the NSR_DEVICE_CONTAINER class.
NSRPoolExecTime was added to the NSR_POOL_CONTAINER class.

Changes and Improvements

All configuration menus (KM commands) support regular expressions. For example, the Group configuration menu can be used for disabling all "test" groups, which will also stop monitoring their save groups.

Fixed Issues

A compatibility issue prevented the KM to operate when the Agent was run with the PATROL Config Cache support.
On Windows platforms, a warning occurred due to a command error in the login status parameter  (NSRLoginStatus). The problem is solved now and the commands are executed to set the following parameters correctlyNSRServerSummary, NSRMonitorRAP & NSRAdministratorChange.
An error in setting the parameters for Process Count, Memory Size, CPU Utilization & CPU Duration is now corrected. On UNIX platforms, daemon collector command & arguments were modified to return only the relevant daemon lines from the process list.