EMC SMI-S Agent ETL for BMC Capacity Optimization

Release Notes for v3.0.00

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What's New

The ST_FREE metric was added to expose the total available capacity (not consumed).

Changes and Improvements

The collection process has been improved to perform optimized queries.
The first sample values of metrics now display the actual values instead of zeros.


New metrics were added in the STOCONT dataset for controllers.

STOGLB Dataset

The ST_CONFIG_SUM metric that was reporting on the available capacity (not consumed) now exposes the Total Capacity.
The ST_FREE metric now exposes the available capacity.
Size is no more exposed by the ST_CONFIG_SUM_RAW metric but by the ST_RAW metric.
New metrics were added in the STOGLB dataset for storage systems, storage pools, and volumes.
The ST_POOL_TYPE metric now uses the vendor terminology to define the Storage Pool type. The possible values are: Disk Group, RAID Group, Traditional Pool and Thin Pool.
The Attached Hosts Number (ST_HOSTCNT) metric is now calculated at the system level to avoid duplicates.

STOSSW Dataset

New metrics were added in the STOSSW dataset for ports.

SYSDSK Dataset

The BYDISK_TYPE metric was added in the SYSDSK dataset to expose the type of disk (e.g.: SSD, SATA, etc.).
The disk transfer rate (BYDISK_RESPONSE_TIME metric) is now exposed in milliseconds.

Fixed Issues

Unexpected error messages appeared in the console when log level was set to " 1-Light".
The capacity metrics Size, Capacity, Available Capacity, Consumed Capacity, and Subscribed Capacity are now always available for storage pools.
Due to a saver issue, some metrics were ignored on loading.