EMC SMI-S Agent ETL for BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Release Notes for v4.1.00

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What's New

The ETL now provides support for WQL query in WBEM client based on SBLIM method.
The parameters collection can now be performed at different rates to maintain a suitable refresh rate of the parameters and scale large environments. The following specific polling cycles per devices have been implemented:
Storage Systems, Controllers and Ports are collected at every run
Storage Pools and Disks are collected once per hour
Volumes (and Host information) parameters are collected once per day

Changes and Improvements

Code robustness has been improved.
Object discovery is performed once per day instead of once per hour to improve the monitoring performance on large environments.
The mechanism that handles the parsing of WBEM queries has been improved to reduce the consumption of CPU and memory resources.
The service activity trace in service log files (also displayed in the log screen of the ETL tasks section) has been improved. The service loading is now logged in a serviceLoading.log dedicated file.
The discovery or the collect of metrics is automatically interrupted when the time dedicated to these processes exceeds 3 times the configured service’s period.
Back End Fiber Ports (FC Ports) are no longer discovered: the collected information from the Back End Fiber Ports were not representative of the real data traffic of the disk array.
The SQLite store was replaced by a binary files store to avoid performance issues.
New computation methods for Symmetrix storage systems:
The ST_AVAILABLE_FOR_STORAGE_POOLS metric exposes the available capacity for Storage Pools or for Traditional Volumes creation.
The ST_AVAILABLE_IN_STORAGE_POOLS metric exposes the available capacity in Storage Pools.
The ST_CAPACITY metric of the storage systems is now the sum of the ST_AVAILABLE_FOR_STORAGE_POOLS metric and the sum of Storage Pools and Traditional Volume capacities.
The error message displayed when querying an SMI-S provider that doesn't support the EMC namespace has been improved to be more explicit.

Fixed Issues

An error occurred when populating Run History on BCO 9.5.01 or higher.
The NullPointerException does not occur anymore when discovering Disk Groups.
Relations between Volumes and Storage Pools were missing in the BCO workspace.
The value of the ST_SYSTEM_IO_RATE metric is now null when the total number of operations per second performed by the system could not be computed.
The ST_POOL_SUBSCRIBED_CAPACITY metric for storage pools was not properly calculated when FAST policies were enabled in EMC Symmetrix/VMAX.