HP 3PAR ETL for BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Release Notes for v7.1.00

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warningBecause extended levels are not imported by default by the ETL in v10.3, some metrics might be missing. To ensure all metrics are imported, you will have to set the collection level to [4] Extended.

What's New

The ST_DISK and ST_DISK_TYPE metrics were added to the STOGLB dataset to respectively expose the total number of used disks and the type of disks used for the pool.

Changes and Improvements

Volumes Monitoring configuration has been improved to be more user-friendly. A single option is now available to enable/disable volumes monitoring and volumes import.
The SA_CONTAINS_LUN and SP_CONTAINS_LUN relations have been respectively replaced by SA_CONTAINS_VOLUME and SP_CONTAINS_VOLUME.

Fixed Issues

An error occurred when deploying the ETL package v7.0.00 with BMC TrueSight CO 10.3 on an Oracle database.
Connector's loading has been improved to prevent failures when local store files are corrupted.