Release Notes for v1.3.00

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What's New

The KM now supports unlimited debug file size. In previous versions, the debug file size was limited to 500 MB.
Disable Volumes Monitoring: This new feature allows administrators to disable the monitoring of all the volumes of a system in order to limit the number of instances created and therefore reduce the system resource consumption.


The new TimeSinceLastActivity parameter of the  SEN_EVA_VIRTUALDISKSapplication class reports the number of days since the last read or write operation has been observed on the monitored LUN.
PortCount: this parameter has been added to the  SEN_EVA_NODESapplication class to report on the number of fiber and Ethernet ports available in the node.


Two new reports are available from the SEN_EVA_MAIN and SEN_EVA_NODES application classes: Per Host Storage Allocation and Per LUN Storage Allocation. They report on the volume of storage allocated to each monitored host/LUN.
Administrators can now know how much storage is being allocated to each host while running the Virtual Disks Mapping Table report.

Changes and Improvements

The KM Commands menu has been reorganized.
The infobox of the SEN_EVA_MAIN application class now provides additional information about the KM.
A backup of the PATROL Agent configuration is now performed and saved in the $PATROL_HOME/config directory before a reinitialization of the KM.
The "Restore Device Monitoring" KM command was renamed "Restore Monitoring". The user interface was also simplified to reduce the number of operations required to restore the monitoring of a component.

Fixed Issues

A problem with the hostname resolution could sometimes prevent the KM to discover any components of the HP EVA environment. The SSSU command did not work when the localhost entry was not specified in the server host file (The following error message “Error opening https connection” was displayed). The product now uses the actual hostname to run the command to avoid such problem.