Release Notes v.1.0.01

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What's New

Alert Actions:
Different types of PATROL events can now be triggered
Event messages have been improved to provide more meaningful information.
In order to optimize the monitoring on large environments, users can now customize the discovery and the collect processes timeouts by using two new configuration variables: discoveryOperationTimeout and collectOperationTimeout.

Changes and Improvements

Reinitializing the KM now also removes all the oldInstances.dat files.
Specific PATROL Events triggered upon failures now also specify the alert origin (ApplicationClassName.ObjectID.ParameterName).
The password algorithm encryption is now handled by the PATROL Agent.
The conversion method used to calculate units for some duration-based parameters, such as ReadResponseTime, WriteResponseTime, ResponseTime, etc., has been improved to report accurately on the actual collected data.
The IQN (iSCSI Qualified Name) is now handled for host mappings. When available, IQNs are displayed in the Host parameter of Volumes.
The ConfiguredCapacity parameter has been added to the SEN_XIV_STORAGEPOOL and SEN_XIV_STORAGESYSTEM application classes to expose the total capacity of all the volumes present in Storage Pools/Storage Systems.

Fixed Issues

Java Settings - User Selection: the username entered in the "Java Settings" dialog box was not properly saved in the configuration.
The System Output Window (SOW) messages generated by IBM XIV KM for PATROL are now saved in the SEN_XIV_debug_km_*.log debug file when the debug mode is activated.
IBM XIV KM for PATROL could not be loaded when using a version of the PATROL Agent lower than v.9.5. This issue is now fixed.
The subscribed capacity of the storage pools could temporarily be incorrect when IBM XIV KM for PATROL could not have retrieved the volume mapping data required for computation.