Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v8.6.52

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What's New

Multi-Parameter Formula: A new option has been added that allows the use of labels instead of Patrol ID to determine a parameter's path.
Process Monitoring:  A new KM Command has been implemented to configure the execution of commands to collect process information (see KM Commands > Options > Process Monitoring Credentials).

Changes and Improvements

Application/Container: Modifications brought to Application Constants using the Edit Application/Container KM Command, were not taken into account until the next discovery. A discovery is now performed at the end of the application/container modification process.

Fixed Issues

Multi-Parameter Formula: The Multi-Parameter Formula Wizard could not interpret the special characters (^, $, \, etc.) in the PATROL Object ID which led to the wizard not assigning a variable to the parameter. This parameter could therefore not be used in the formula.
Automatic collection process: The once-a-day and once-a-week collection type were not performed at all by the real-time monitoring library file (This issue was introduced in version 8.6.50).
Manual collection process: The Refresh Parameters KM Command did not perform a refresh on object which collection frequency option were set to type once-a-day or once-a-week.
Database Query Analysis Wizard: Upon the creation of SQL queries for a MySQL database or the use of special characters in the user password on UNIX or Linux systems, the New Database Query Analysis Wizard would display an error message when trying to create an SQL query for a MySQL database using the command line method.
Database Query Analysis Wizard: An issue with the VB script prevented Monitoring Studio from properly analyzing the SQL query output. This resulted in a false alert.
Alert Actions: Macros starting with %{PARENT_PARENT_...} were not returning the proper result.
Alert Actions: The parameters listed by the KM command "Set Alert Actions" were truncated when their length was greater than 19 characters. The parameter which name was truncated was not  recognized by the system and thus, the alert action was no set on this parameter.
Windows Event Monitoring: The event description string was incorrect on 64-bits servers.
File Monitoring: When specifying a mask in a file monitoring, if the currently monitored file was deleted, the collector would not switch to a newer file and the monitoring would stay blocked on the old file.