Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v9.2.00

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What's New

Nagios Plugins Integration: Monitoring Studio now supports the monitoring of the metrics resulting from a local or remote Nagios plugin execution via the new Nagios Plugin Monitor.
Nagios Configuration Import: Monitoring Studio now enables you to import an entire Nagios configuration.
Host Cloning: A new tool is now available to replicate monitoring settings from one host to another. This feature facilitates the set-up of several hosts that need to be monitored in a similar manner.
Numeric Value Extraction, String Search, and Dynamic Object Builder: Numeric values or text enclosed in single (') or double(") quotes can be considered as a single column. Any applicable separator found within these quotes will not be considered as a column separator.
Command Line Analysis: A new parameter has been added (ExitCode) to report on the exit code returned by the executed command.
Folders Monitoring: A new feature is now available to configure Monitoring Studio in order to automatically clear or keep alerts triggered on time-based parameters when the monitored folder is empty; and to set, reset or ignore these parameters values.
Configuration variables: A list of configuration variables used to manually set variables that are not available through the standard interface is provided in the Reference Guide chapter of this documentation.

Changes and Improvements

Command line alert actions configured at the group level are run on the PATROL Agent node.
Specific credentials can be defined while configuring a Command line alert action at the Host or Monitor level.
E-mail alert actions: In previous versions, the SMTP server settings had to be specified for each e-mail alert action. To prevent repetitive actions, the SMTP server can now be set once and for all for all hosts and monitors.
Rename and Edit wizards now check whether the new label is not already used at the same hierarchy level (under the same parent) before accepting it.
Text Pre-Processing: Any blank line found in multi-line records is now ignored when converted into single line.
The maximum number of bytes that can be read in a log file is increased from 8MB to 32MB. This limit can however be customized by modifying the maxFileSizeRead variable either globally (under /SENTRY/STUDIO) or at the host level (under /SENTRY/STUDIO/<host-id>/).
Remote UNIX/Linux host monitoring: Monitoring Studio now offers the possibility to use private key and passphrase-based SSH authentication for connecting to remote UNIX/Linux hosts.

Fixed Issues

Agent Configuration Import – The multi-parameter formula monitor was not properly imported.