Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL

Release Notes v9.4.01

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What's New

SWSY-3312: Group macros can be used in Host monitors and Group & Host macros can be used in all other monitors (ex: %{SEN_HOSTNAME}).
SWSY-3399: Support for Java 9.

Changes and Improvements

SWSY-3311 - Database Queries: The Database Query: Microsoft SQL Server uses Microsoft's JDBC driver version 6.2.1 instead of the jTDS driver. SSL Encryption and Authentication options are therefore deprecated as they are handled automatically by the driver.
SWSY-3304: When converting XML files to CSV, quote, tab, space or whitespace characters are removed from the property name and value.
SWSY-3392: It is now possible to connect and authenticate against a remote system with SSH and keyboard-interactive authentication (no actual interaction with the user is required while connecting to the system).
SWSY-3398: The performance of the Process monitor is improved.

Fixed Issues

SWSY-3227 -  Because the MySQL's JDBC driver version leveraged by version 9.4 was not stable enough, Monitoring Studio could not connect to MySQL Server databases running on Linux.
SWSY-3235: Nagios Performance objects with long names were not monitored correctly and an error was displayed in the System Output Window (SOW).
SWSY-3245 - Process Monitoring: No process was found when using a regular expression to search for the command line that launched the process.
SWSY-3252: A configuration file generated from v9.0.00 might not correctly import into v9.4.00, leaving invalid credentials, alert actions, etc.
SWSY-3289 – String Searches: On Windows, empty lines that contained the “\r” character (carriage return) were not properly handled by Monitoring Studio, which could lead to false alerts.