NetApp Filers KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v2.1.00

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What's New

vFilers Monitoring: The SEN_NA_VFILER and SEN_NA_VFILER_CONT application classes have been added to represent the status of all configured vFilers on the managed system.
Full support for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management (BPPM 8.5): the NetApp Filers KM now fully and natively integrates with the latest iteration of BMC's monitoring framework. It includes the required metadata that describe the classes and parameters for accurate interpretation, correlation and trending in ProactiveNet.

Fixed Issues

In some case, in spite of the activation of the NetApp license for the NDMP and/or snapvault features, the corresponding instances were not displayed in the PATROL Console.
Formula to calculate the freeInodePercentage parameter has been updated.