NetApp Filers KM for PATROL

Release Notes v3.1.00

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What's New

When a new NetApp Filer is added, the KM now instantaneously creates the corresponding instance in the PATROL console without waiting for the discovery to complete.

Changes and improvements

A new parameter LinkStatus was added to indicate whether the Ethernet Port is plugged or unplugged.
The Status and StatusInformation parameters have been removed.
Snap Vault Monitoring: The source and destination locations of Snap Vaults have been added the display name of the SnapVault instance.
Inactive licenses are listed in the Infobox of the SEN_NAP_C_CLUSTER and SEN_NAP_7_STORAGESYSTEM application classes.

Fixed Issues

Snap Vault collect failed with Java NullPointerException.
Snap Vaults attached to the secondary Controller were not properly discovered.
Processor utilization was not properly calculated for Controllers and vFilers.
Data collection is now also available for Volumes attached to a secondary controller.
The Cache mechanism is fully now operational. It has been modified to avoid multiple requests from the NetApp Client.
The number of spare disks in Storage Systems and Clusters was not properly calculated.
A unit "B" has been added to the Packet Size infobox of the FC Ports.