NetApp Filers KM for PATROL

Release Notes v3.2.05

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What's New

The SEN_NAP_7_SIS_VOLUME, SEN_NAP_C_SIS_VOLUME, SEN_NAP_7_DISK, and SEN_NAP_C_DISK application classes can be disabled through the disableClassMonitoring configuration variable to speed up data collection.

Changes and Improvements

Performance has been improved for the collection of shelves, Cluster Disks, and Cluster LUNs parameters.

Fixed Issues

LUNs and Volumes Monitoring could not be disabled through the KM commands Disable Volumes Monitoring and Disable LUNs Monitoring.
SSL handshake failures were not properly identified by the KM, which resulted in an exception being triggered when discovering cluster shelves.
No alert actions were triggered on statistics parameters even though the number of times thresholds could be breached was reached.
In cluster mode, an exception could occur when collecting temperature, shelf, or voltage information.