NetApp Filers KM for PATROL

Release Notes v3.2.07

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Fixed Issues

SENNA-2145: All the hardware components were detected as not present when the Shelf ID or Shelf Channel ID only contained one character.
SENNA-2158: The Acknowledge Error Count Alerts and Reset KM Command did not operate properly.
The following issues occurred in 7-mode:
SENNA-2165: The partner controller (SEN_NAP_7_CONTROLLER) and its sub-objects (SEN_NAP_7_HOST_ADAPTER, SEN_NAP_7_ETHERNET_PORT, SEN_NAP_7_FC_PORT, SEN_NAP_7_PROCESSOR, SEN_NAP_7_CIFS, SEN_NAP_7_ISCSI, SEN_NAP_7_NDMP and SEN_NAP_7_NFS) were not discovered.
SENNA-2165: Aggregates (SEN_NAP_7_AGGREGATE) and LUNs (SEN_NAP_7_LUN) were a replication of the first controller.
SENNA-2172: vFilers, Volumes and Quotas were not properly discovered when the multistore license was not available on the primary controller and when the Partner Hostname was used to configure the connection to the NetApp Filer.
SENNA-2184: An exception could occur when the partner controller was properly discovered upon a first discovery, but not upon the next one.

Known Issue

SENNA-2146: Duplicate hardware instances are created in the PATROL console.