NetApp Filers KM for PATROL

Release Notes v3.3.05

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What's New

SENNA-2388: A new configuration variable 'automaticReinitialization' allows you to  automatically perform an immediate re-initialization of the KM.
SENNA-2419: The Status and StatusInformation parameters are now available for C-Mode Clusters and LUNs (SEN_NAP_C_CLUSTER and SEN_NAP_C_LUN). Also, the ConsumedCapacityPercentage parameter is now reported for LUNs (SEN_NAP_C_LUN and SEN_NAP_7_LUN).

Changes and Improvements

SENNA-2376: The PATROL ID of NetApp SnapMirrors has been improved to better identify the monitored component in TrueSight Event messages.
SENNA-2285: The Hosts parameter is now available for the NetApp LUNs (SEN_NAP_7_LUN,  SEN_NAP_C_LUN) and lists the hosts to which the LUN is mapped to.
SENNA-2284: LUNs Mapping Table: The Host column of the report now provides the host WWN/IQN when available.