SharePoint KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v1.0.01

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Changes and Improvements

The statistical method of measurement for root site that are not admin have been improved
The calculation method of the TimeSinceLastHit parameter (SEN_WSS_SITE class) has been improved to reflect accurately the time elapsed since the last hit and the current polling
A more exhaustive set of events is now considered in the analysis of the Event Log for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 users

Fixed Issues

The Modify Thresholds KM Command did not list collectors anymore
In some specific situation, the View SharePoint Events KM Command did not list the entire list of SharePoint events
When Microsoft IIS logging format was W3C, the LastAccessDate (SEN_WSS_WEB class) parameter was not properly collected
The Discovery process was not able to access the Windows Registry on Windows 2008 servers