Symantec NetBackup KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v2.8.00

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What's New

Fully compatible with NetBackup v7, v7.1 and v7.5
Fully compatible with BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration, a feature supported by BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management version 9.0.00.
New parameter (NBUDaemonCPUUtilization) to monitor each daemon’s CPU usage
Ability to disable custom events from the KM
Schedule start and end times available in the NBU_JOB Infobox.

Changes and Improvements

The KM performance has been improved to support large number of Symantec NetBackup components.
All previous pconfig variables available under /NBU are now split to /NBU and /Runtime/NBU while upgrading the KM.
<Component>Summary: Duplicate fields in summary text parameters are removed. Only the first entry is kept and all repetitions are ignored even when their values are different. The delay required to perform a discovery following an Agent restart has been substantially reduced.
Client and policy monitoring is now enabled by default with an instance limit set to 50.
The performance of the initial job collection cycle has been improved. By default, completed jobs are not discovered during initial collection.
The job duration calculation method has been improved: job duration/age and job state duration are calculated using the current time instead of job collector start time.
The event triggered by the NBUJobStatus parameter now includes the last message received. It generally indicates the reason for the job failure.
Logs:The default log scan limit was changed to 500KBytes.
Debug mode:
The time during which the debug information is logged can now be set by the user.
The KM-related messages that are sent to the System Output Window (SOW) are also logged to the NBU.log file available under <PATROL_HOME>/log.
KM can be reinitialized to capture the initial collection debug messages by using the Debug menu when debug is turned on.
The NBURemoveTempFiles parameter was removed.
The NetBackup Log Directory Path can now be set from the Paths configuration window.

Fixed Issues

The script to support the “tail” command on Linux platforms.
Drive status alert did not report device host anymore.
Job detail command failed for old jobs leading to improperly explained triggered events.
The NBUJobStatus parameter now triggers an alert each time a job goes to the "Requeued" state.
No error information was available for the triggered event when a backup job failed with error "cannot access", "access denied" or "cannot open".
Backup jobs stayed indefinitely in "Requeued" state if no further retry attempts could be run before the schedule end time. To prevent this situation, the NBUJobState parameter now reflects the last execution state and a warning or alarm is triggered on the NBUJobStatus parameter if such situation occurs.
The NBUDaemonState parameter was set to "Not Running" when the PATROL Agent could not fork processes, which resulted in invalid alarms on the NBUDaemonStatus parameter.
Due to a misinterpretation of the daemon status, the NBUDaemonState parameter was set to "Unknown" while the daemon was actually running.
NBULoginStatus in warning for errors relating to printf when the argument is too long.
Incorrect management of date/time and elapsed time displayed by the KM for some timezones.
The KM can now create and monitor mount requests when no tape labels are specified.
Debug Mode ZIP output: On Windows 2008, the KM failed to create a ZIP archive with the content of the debug mode.
Monitoring Mode: While configuring multi-node mode, the KM can prompt for PATROL account credentials several times for the same node.
The KM failed to determine the NBULibraryMedia* parameters when the scratch pool was not found.
Library-related commands have been modified to resolve errors that triggered a warning on the NBULoginStatus parameter.