Symantec NetBackup KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v2.8.04

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What's New

NBU-356: Two new parameters NBUMediaLoadedEmptyCount and NBUMediaLoadedEmptyPercent have been added to the NBU_POOL application class, to monitor the number of empty media loaded to a robotic library and its percentage out all loaded media.
NBU-424: Symantec NetBackup KM for PATROL now supports Symantec NetBackup v7.6.
NBU-425: Symantec NetBackup KM for PATROL now supports Windows 2012.

Changes and Improvements

NBU-355: To avoid redundancy, the NBUMediaEmptyCount parameter of the NBU_POOL application class has been removed since the NBUMediaUnassignedCount parameter now reads the correct empty media count.

Fixed Issues

NBU-342: A compatibility issue prevented the KM to operate when the PATROL Agent v9.0.20i was run with the PATROL Config Cache support.
NBU-357: False alerts were triggered on the NBUClientStatus parameter when the KM failed to ping the NetBackup client.
NBU-358: On Windows systems, if the PATROL Agent installation path contained spaces, custom KM scripts and commands with output redirection failed.
NBU-359: No statistics were collected for the library media on Linux platforms.
NBU-364: Scripts and commands used by Symantec NetBackup KM for PATROL now support bash shell platforms.
NBU-369: A permission denied message was displayed when Symantec NetBackup KM for PATROL generated reports if the KM temporary files could not be created with the provided credentials.
NBU-377: Alerts were sometimes not triggered for missing NetBackup daemons.
NBU-386: False alerts were triggered on the NBUDatabaseBackupElapsed parameter when the last catalog database backup could not be found.
NBU-387: Alarms were triggered on the NBUDPoolUpDownStatus and NBUNodeStatus parameters even though no disk pools were configured on the NetBackup Media Server.
NBU-436: The NBULibraryMediaScratchPercent and NBULibraryMediaAvailablePercent parameters were not properly calculated and occasionally exceeded 100%.
NBU-443: The Sudo configuration in the sudoers file is modified for Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Linux to prevent NetBackup commands failures (see Security Requirements).
NBU-487: Clients were not discovered correctly on Symantec NetBackup v7.6. The relevant command has been modified to fully support the new  Symantec NetBackup version.
NBU-493: Full and incremental domain level backup summary parameters were not set correctly, preventing the product to properly monitor backups at the policy and policy client levels.
NBU-501: The status report file of Symantec NetBackup KM for PATROL is now suffixed with the Agent port number to avoid overwriting it when multiple virtual Agents are used.
NBU-502: The NBULoginStatus parameter was in warning due to an incorrect configuration variable used while checking the active cluster node.
NBU-503: The Microsoft Cluster active node was not properly detected when the KM was operating in multi-node monitoring mode.
NBU-516: The main discovery cycle was irregular due to an asynchronous default KM discovery interval. It is now reduced to 30 seconds to avoid such irregularity.