Tivoli Storage Manager KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v2.7.01

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This section lists new features, changes, improvements and bug fixes that have been implemented since the release of version 2.7.00 of the product.

Changes and Improvements

Every configuration menus (KM commands) now support regular expressions.
The KM commands and output processing were improved and unnecessary debug messages removed from the debug log.
Two new states were added to the TSMDomainState parameter, both alarms are triggered through TSMDomainStatus by default:
Inactive domains are monitored by setting TSMDomainState to “Inactive”
If no jobs were started as per the next backup start time, TSMDomainState will be set to “Not Started”.
Faster KM failover in clustered TSM environment. The server discovery interval is reduced to 40 seconds (formerly 5 minutes), which speeds up detecting server level changes as well as clustered TSM server failover.
The KM Status report now provides collector/discovery collection time information as well as additional performance details. This report is stored under PATROL_HOME/lib/TSM/km_status.txt on all managed nodes.

Fixed Issues

Disabling monitored components using the KM configuration menus lead to disable all instances with the same label, even when under a different parent. This problem affected policy clients and robotic drives.
Error reading “Failed to obtain lock on SOWLogWriteLock” was repeatedly displayed in the System Output Window and the TSM.log file on Windows managed nodes.
Configuration menu changes at the container level did not take effect without an Agent restart.
If any of the commands used by the KM failed to return a required field, the KM failed to process the remaining fields in the command output. The missing field are now ignored.
When upgrading the KM from version 2.6.x to version 2.7.x, some of the instance level KM configuration data stored in the PATROL configuration were not upgraded.
Tape libraries were not correctly discovered and their summary parameters were not set properly.
Parameters of inactive and completed jobs were updated during each job collection cycle, if their job end time was not reported. This is now corrected to be ignored as soon as they change to an inactive state, like “Missed”.
All daemon status (TSMDaemonStatus) parameters triggered alarms for not correctly detecting the running TSM daemons on Windows systems. This has been resolved by adding the correct required paths to the default path.
A compatibility issue prevented the KM to operate when the Agent was run with the PATROL Config Cache support.