BMC TrueSight Operations Management -  EMC Storage Monitoring

Release Notes v4.2.00

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What's New

SENEMC-1984: EMC VMAX3 Storage Systems Monitoring: EMC Storage Monitoring now fully supports the monitoring of EMC VMAX3 storage systems. EMC VMAX3 storage resource pools health and performance are monitored through the new EMC Storage Resource Pool monitor type that reports on storage capacity and performance.  A report providing information on storage resource pools can also be scheduled and generated from the Reporting panel.

Changes and Improvements

SENEMC-1978 :EMC Storage Monitoring requires Java 1.8.00 or higher to perform properly.
SENEMC-1978: Changes have been implemented to enhance the performance and behavior of the Collection Hub:
A new configuration variable (collectionHubAdditionalArgs) is now available to add arguments to the command line when launching the Java Collection Hub.
EMC Storage Monitoring now uses its exclusive Collection Hub instance. Therefore, files are no longer shared with other KMs to prevent compatibilities issues.
The Collection Hub debug files provide more detailed information about its operations.
SENEMC-1978: The overall performance of remote Windows commands analysis has been significantly improved.
SENEMC-2004: To optimize the discovery and data collect duration, EMC Storage Monitoring no longer discovers EMC VMAX/Symmetrix remote arrays by default. However, an option has been added to the EMC SMI-S Provider Settings to enable this feature as needed.

Fixed Issues

SENEMC-1978: The Collection Hub now supports a larger amount of simultaneous requests timeouts.
SENEMC-2034: Each host mapped to a LUN is now properly reported by the LUNs Mapping Table (Reporting).