Veritas Cluster Server KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v2.5.01

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What's New

VCS-257/KMF-328: Inactive standard parameters labeled <collector>ExecTime were added to monitor the performance of each collector. Please refer to the Reference Guide for detailed information.

Changes and Improvements

VCS-171: All configuration menus (Daemons, Service Groups, Resources, Systems, etc.) now support regular expressions.
VCS-185: Improved performance on Linux platforms.
VCS-201: The graphs of the VCSGroupFailoverStatus and VCSResourceFailoverStatus parameters are now annotated if there is a change in online nodes.
VCS-265/KMF-390: The status report file of Veritas Cluster Server KM for PATROL is now suffixed with the Agent port number to avoid overwriting it when multiple virtual Agents are used.

Fixed Issues

VCS-143/KMF-294: When configured through BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration, the KM would not properly switch to a forced classic mode.
VCS-150: WAN heartbeat status (VCSWHeartbeatStatus) was not monitored correctly on Windows cluster nodes.
VCS-151: In large VCS clusters high CPU usage was observed with heavy I/O. The resource and service group status commands used by the VCSGroupCollector and VCSResourceCollector have therefore been changed to avoid processing large command outputs.
VCS-166: A compatibility issue prevented the KM to operate when the PATROL Agent v9.0.20i was run with the PATROL Config Cache support.
VCS-173: On Windows platforms, the KM was sometimes unable to automatically discover the relevant library path.
VCS-191: The VCSGabState parameter was improperly set to 0 (Membership) when the state of the GAB port was “Jeopardy”.
VCS-211: The VCSGroupFailoverStatus and VCSResourceFailoverStatus parameters could trigger invalid warnings.
VCS-218: The main discovery cycle was irregular due to an asynchronous default KM discovery interval. It is now reduced to 30 seconds to avoid such irregularity.
VCS-224: The Sudo configuration in the sudoers file must be modified for Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Linux to prevent Veritas Cluster Server commands failures (see Security Requirements).
VCS-243: The VCSLoginStatus parameter was in warning due to an incorrect configuration variable used while checking the active cluster node.
VCS-244: During a long VCS failover, the value of the VCSMonitoringMode parameter was switching from its actual state to “Temporary Single-node Mode”. This issue is now fixed and the value remains unchanged until the number of failover attempts are exhausted.
VCS-256/KMF-334: On Windows systems, the KM did not correctly detect running VCS daemons which resulted in invalid alarms for the VCSNodeStatus and VCSDaemonStatus parameters.
VCS-258/KMF-318: On Unix platforms, daemon collector command & arguments are modified to return only the relevant daemon lines from the process list.
VCS-271/KMF-402: On Windows systems, if the PATROL Agent installation path contained spaces, scripts calls and output redirection commands failed.