Veritas File System KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v2.2.00

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What's new

VFS-127: Veritas File System KM for PATROL now monitors each collector execution time through the following inactive parameters:
VFS_FILESYSTEM_CONTAINER: VFSFileSystemCollectorExecTime, VFSFragmentationCollectorExecTime, VFSQioFileCollectorExecTime, VFSQuotaCollectorExecTime

Changes and Improvements

VFS-112: Veritas File System KM for PATROL has been improved to support all PATROL Agent v10+ versions as well as BMC TrueSight Operations Management v10.x.
VFS-129: All configuration menus (File Systems, Fragmentations, Quick I/O Files, and Quotas) now support regular expressions.
VFS-125: The status report file of Veritas File System KM for PATROL is now suffixed with the Agent port number to avoid overwriting it when multiple virtual Agents are used.

Fixed Issues

VFS-105:The Sudo configuration requirements have been updated in the Security Requirements chapter of the user documentation.
VFS-124: Invalid alarms were triggered on the VFSLoginStatus parameter (VFS_SERVER)  when the Veritas File System KM for PATROL was unable to check the active node, during multi-node mode monitoring.
VFS-130: The main discovery cycle was irregular due to an asynchronous default KM discovery interval. It is now reduced to 30 seconds to avoid such irregularity.