Veritas Volume Manager KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v2.3.00

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What's new

Full integration with BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management.
Custom events can now be disabled from the KM.
Debug mode: The time during which the debug information is logged can now be set by the user.

Application Classes

The VVM_DISKPATH application class was added.


Two additional menus were added to the VVM_DISKPATH, VVM_DISKDEVICE, VVM_DISKDEVICE_CONTAINER, VVM_DISKGROUP and VVM_DISKGROUP_CONTAINER application classes: Configuration > Disk Path(s) and Configuration > Disk Path(s) Kernel Status


The VVMDiskpathEnabled parameter that monitors the number of enabled disk paths with kernel state 'enabled' and the VVMDiskpathNonEnabled parameter that displays the number of disk paths that are not enabled, were both added to the VVM_DISK_DEVICE application class.
The VVMDaemonCPUUtilization parameter that displays the percentage of CPU consumed by the daemon, was added to the VVM_DAEMON application class.
The VVMSubdiskDetails and VVMPlexDetails parameters were relocated and are now available in the VVM_DISKGROUP_CONTAINER application class.

Changes and Improvements

Performance was improved to support large number of Veritas Volume Manager components - disks, volumes, plexes & subdisks.
Subpath monitoring: <%VERITAS VOLUME MANAGER FOR PATROL%> now monitors the subpath kernel state under each disk device. An alarm is triggered if a failure is detected on one disk path to avoid multiple failures.
The delay required to perform a discovery following an Agent restart was substantially reduced.

Application Classes

The VVM_PLEX_CONTAINER and VVM_SUBDISK_CONTAINER application classes were removed.


The following information was removed from the VVMDiskGroup infobox: Disk, Device, Tag, Offset, and Available Space.


The unit used for the VVMDiskgroupSpaceAvailable and VVMDiskdeviceSpaceAvailable parameters is now expressed in gigabytes (GB).
New parameters were added to the following application classes to monitor the current read/write times:
VVM_DISKDEVICE: VVMDiskdeviceReadTime and VVMDiskdeviceWriteTime
VVM_VOLUME: VVMVolumeReadTime and VVMVolumeWriteTime
VVM_PLEX: VVMPlexReadTime and VVMPlexWriteTime
VVM_SUBDISK: VVMSubdiskReadTime and VVMSubdiskWriteTime.
Alarms and Warning thresholds were removed for the XXXTimeAverage parameters
<Component>Summary: Duplicate fields in summary text parameters are removed. Only the first entry is kept and all repetitions are ignored even when their values are different.

Fixed Issues

The VVMDiskgroupSpaceAvailable parameter was not set in large sites because the sum of all the disk device space available in sectors was too high to be displayed. Value has thus been converted to gigabytes (GB).
Plexes: Plexes in disabled kernel state were improperly deleted from the PATROL Console by the KM. The product does not remove them anymore and instead, triggers an alert.
Incorrect management of date/time and elapsed time displayed by the KM for some timezones.
Due to a misinterpretation of the 'O' status, the DaemonState parameter was set to "Unknown" while the deamon was actually running.
Debug Mode ZIP output: On Windows 2008, the KM failed to create a ZIP archive with the content of the debug mode.
Monitoring Mode: When the Multi-node mode is activated, the KM will no longer prompt for PATROL account credential.