Veritas Volume Manager KM for PATROL

Release Notes v2.5.00

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What's new

Veritas Volume Manager KM for PATROL now monitors Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR) and provides useful information about Replicated Volume Groups (RVG) and RLINKs.
The collector execution time is now monitored for the disk devices, disk groups, logs, plexes, Rlinks, replicated volume groups, subdisks, and volumes.

Changes and Improvements

Regular expressions can now be used to filter elements to monitor.

Fixed Issues

On Unix platforms, daemon collector command and arguments have been modified to only return the relevant daemon lines from the process list and therefore, properly set the parameters VVMDaemonProcessCount, VVMDaemonProcessCount, VVMDaemonCPUUtilization and VVMDaemonCPUDuration.
A compatibility issue prevented the KM to operate when the PATROL Agent v9.0.20 was run with the PATROL Config Cache support.