Veritas Volume Manager KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v3.0.00

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Important Information

The BMC patch Patch 1 for BMC PATROL Agent 11.0.00 must be installed to use any version of Veritas Volume Manager KM for PATROL. Version 11.0.00i of the PATROL Agent on Windows prevents Veritas Volume Manager KM from operating properly. While apparently successfully loaded, Veritas Volume Manager KM fails to start and can neither monitor the local system or the remote systems.

What's New

VVM-258: Support for Veritas InfoScale v7.x and higher.
VVM-271: Remote monitoring for all supported Veritas Volume Manager systems.

Changes and Improvements

VVM-241: Veritas Volume Manager KM has been improved to support all PATROL Agent v10+ versions and prevent failures due to a compatibility error.
VVM-271: The monitoring of Windows Event Logs has been improved.
VVM-337: The path discovery has been improved in order to support variations to binary and library paths.

Fixed Issues

VVM-223: Handling large values in stats parameters:  When the cumulative I/O stats returned by Veritas Volume Manager commands became too large (more than 231), the related parameters failed and stopped collecting data. Thus, metrics for rate-based parameters such as ReadKBytesRate, WriteKBytesRate, IOKBytesRate were not properly reported for volumes, plexes, disks devices and subdisks. The product now stores the actual read, write or total I/O collected since the last collection cycle to avoid values reported by these parameters to grow cumulatively and to reach their limitation.
VVM-231: Commands were not properly reloaded when using the Reload Commands KM menu, which resulted in an error to be displayed in the System Output Window.
VVM-330: Veritas Volume Manager KM experienced a discovery failure due to a missing VxVM library path.

Known Issues

VVM-291: On BMC Portal v2.9, volumes (in disk groups) may not be collected by the Veritas Volume Manager KM integration par file. Also, due to hierarchical changes implemented in Veritas Volume Manager KM v3.0.00, migration from versions 2.x is not possible.