Tivoli Workload Scheduler KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v1.5.01

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What's New

Support for IBM/TWS Clusters: The KM will monitor jobs, schedules & prompts through the MASTER cluster node and automatically fail over when there is cluster fail over.
Monitoring Only the Last Job: A new filter has been added to monitor only the latest scheduled jobs, if enabled.
The Job report only displays the latest monitored schedule's jobs. Schedules' jobs resulting from a previous execution are no longer available in the report.
Schedule date/time (SchedTime) is now included in the events from TWSJobsStatus and TWSSchedulesStatus.
The schedule status (TWS_SCHEDULES_STATUS) label now includes the SchedTime.
The default limitation for monitored number of allowed CPUs and Jobs is removed. The KM upgrade will not reset them. If you are upgrading the KM from an older version, use the "Set Number of Instances" menu and delete any number of instances set for CPUs or Jobs.

Changes and Improvements

Alerting Late Schedule & Jobs: KM triggers alerts for late (deadline breached) jobs and schedules.
Clear Jobs and Clear Schedules menus now keep the alerts on TWSJobsStatus and TWSSchedulesStatus acknowledged.

Fixed Issues

TWS_SETUP instance would not appear in the PATROL console when the "conman" command returns configuration errors. The KM discovery now ignores any errors found in the "conman" command output.
Missing Job Status Instance: When there are more than one job under a schedule, the KM did not create the job status instance under each job instance. This is corrected in this version.
Support for OR Jobs: KM correctly monitors TWS schedules/jobs configured with two or more jobs in OR condition.
Missing Latest Schedule Status: The latest schedule status was not applied to TWSSchedulesStatus, when there are more than one job reported for a schedule. This is now corrected.
Custom Events for Prompts: Detail custom event is added for TWSPromptStatus which includes CPU, Schedule, Job, Message Number and the actual Prompt text.