BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapter for Hitachi Storage

Release Notes for v1.1.01

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What's New

Debug Mode: Administrators can now enable the debug mode to create an output file and help them or the Sentry Support team troubleshoot any issue they might encounter.
The following new operations are available for this version:
add-lun-to-host-group, to add a lun to the existing specified host group
add-host-to-host-group, adds a host to the existing specified host group
remove-lun-from-host-group, to remove a lun from the existing specified host group
remove-host-from-host-group, to remove a host from the existing specified host group
get-host, to list all of the available hosts associated to the storage system.

Changes and Improvements

get-lun operation: The information about the associated host group(s) are now collected for each LUN.
Workflows are now available for all operators in the BMC Operator Control Panel.
For a better readability, the formatting of the error messages has been improved.
All the adapter response elements are now documented.

Known Issues

The Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) is not currently supported.
Operation: get-host-group: In some cases, the value of the element <wwn> was displayed twice.
Operation: get-pool: The value of the element <subscribed-capacity-bytes> was not calculated properly.