BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapter for Hitachi Storage

Release Notes v1.1.03

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What's New

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) is now fully supported.



The information of the LUN type is added using the element <lun-type>
New filters (raid-level, lun-type, lun-id) are added.
create-lun, delete-lun, add-lun-to-host-group, remove-lun-from-host-group
New element <lun-id> is added.
New filter (port-speed) is added.
New filter (dp-pool) is added
New elements <available-capacity-for-storage-pool-bytes> and <available-capacity-for-storage-pool-gigabytes> were added.

Changes and Improvements

The code has been optimized to reduce the overall response time of all the get operations.

Fixed Issues

Operation: get-lun
The size of the Thin LUNs was not calculated correctly. Issue fixed
The RAID level and RAID group information were missing for certain LUNs. Issue fixed
Operation: get-storage-system
The value of the element <available-capacity-bytes> was not calculated correctly. Issue fixed

Known Issues

The iSCSI host mapping is not currently supported.