BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware

Release Notes for v2.9.10

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What's New

New Supported Platforms

Brocade SAN Switch
DataDirect Networks (DDN)
Dell PowerVault TL2000 and TL4000 tape libraries
Hitachi HDS Disk Arrays
IBM DS6000, DS8000 Disk Arrays
IBM TS3100 tape libraries
IBM TS3200 tape libraries
IBM v7000 Disk Arrays
Fujitsu-Siemens PRIMERGY servers running VMware
Fujitsy-Siemens Serverview


A new additional configuration property is available to disable a specific connector for a managed element in
Disable Connectors (net.sentrysoftware.bpm.hardware.disabledConnectors.<hostname>=connector1.hdf,connector2.hdf,connector3.hdf).
On HP Blade Chassis monitored using SNMP, the product now excludes temperature sensors that do not have a valid temperature value (and thus also an invalid threshold) or a valid status.
The product now supports multi-tier authentication schemes for WBEM connections, and notably connections to VMware ESXi hosts that require an authentication through VMware vCenter.
A temperature sensor with the status of "N/A" (i.e. one that only has a numeric value) was not being interpreted correctly, leading to the entire sensor's status being reported as "unknown" rather than a status based on the numeric temperature.

Changes and Improvements

Improved Platforms Support

Dell servers with iDRAC7 or later: The KM now supports Dell's new iDRAC7 management card, which provides full hardware information about Dell server.
Dell PowerEdge M1000e Chassis: The MS_HW_DellCMC.hdf connector now monitors the overall status of each blade installed in the chassis and makes possible the collect of the ambient temperature sensor in most recent versions of the Dell CMC firmware.
Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER: The product provides enhanced support for Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER servers running Solaris. The “sun4us” hardware class is now supported as the “sun4u” class.
Hitachi HDS Disk Arrays: This version of the KM provides a new connector specifically designed and optimized for Hitachi HDS Disk Arrays. It adds new parameters and significantly reduces resources needed to monitor a Hitachi Disk Array. This connector replaces the SMI-S Compliant Disk Arrays connector which is therefore withdrawn from the productwhich no longer needs to be used for Hitachi storage systems.
IBM Blade Chassis - The connector for IBM Blade Chassis has been improved to:
add a status parameter for Fan Modules
collects an accurate Power Consumption
add monitoring of 3rd and 4th Fan Modules in chassis with 4 Fan modules
Monitor second temperature sensor for BladeCenter HT chassis
IBM DS6000/DS8000 Disk Arrays: The product provides improved monitoring for IBM DS6000/DS8000 Disk Arrays. It adds new parameters, provides more details, better identifies the different components in the system and significantly reduces resources needed to monitor an IBM DS6000/DS8000.
Oracle servers: The KM now provides support for Oracle servers (formerly known as Sun servers) through their ILOM card.


The product provides improved monitoring for network ports on a server running Solaris 11 and where the network port's Device Instance ID is not the same as its Link Assigned Name.
(e.g. the physical port device ID is e1000g0 and the ifconfig name is net0).
On HP ProLiant, the monitoring of the physical cards in a NIC teaming configuration is now performed by the regular connectors (MIB2, WMI, etc.). The “HP Insight Management Agent – Network” connector now monitors the status of the logical interface only.
StorageTek StreamLine Tape Library: The status of the tape drives is now properly interpreted.
Dell PowerEdge: The product will now use Dell's Location codes (Nexus) to identify disks. This Nexus identifier better represents the true location of the disk.
The monitoring IBM VIO Servers has been significantly improved. The product:
better recognizes and adapts to restricted and unrestricted shell interfaces when connecting to an IBM VIO Server. In an unrestricted shell interface, the standard IBM AIX connectors will be used instead of the specific IBM VIO Server connector
monitors Disk Controllers and LUNs (AvailablePathcount)
provides an ErrorCount parameter for Physical Disks. Also, the Status parameter has been removed (No reliable physical disk status is available)
The monitoring of recent versions of Linux (RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 a.k.a. RHEL6, SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2 a.k.a. SLES 11 SP2, etc.) has been improved to allow support of the new output format used by the latest version of the multipath utility.
BPM Express for Hardware now monitors HBAs in HP 9000 (PA-RISC) servers running HP-UX (link speed, link status and port status). Using the MS_HW_HPUXHBA.hdf connector requires root privileges.
The PM provides enhanced support for Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER servers running Solaris. The “sun4us” hardware class is now supported as the “sun4u” class.
The product now monitors Brocade SAN switches via Brocade's SMI Agent which provides information not available using SNMP, notably:
Ports in Virtual Fabrics
FCoE Ethernet Ports

Fixed Issues

Upgrading from version 2.7.27 to higher versions is now possible.
In Cisco UCS blade chassis, the status of the blade servers was not properly reported when the blade had a specific user label configured.
The following issues on HP ProLiant servers running VMware or Linux have been fixed:
parameters for the network interfaces are now collected
the LinkStatus of the network cards is now properly collected
all network cards are now properly discovered
On IBM xSeries, the 6.3.2 version of the IBM Director agent reports voltage and temperature alert thresholds in a way that is inconsistent with the previous versions. The new connector takes into account this variation and support older and newer versions of the IBM Director Agent.
CIn Cisco MDS and Nexus Switches, ports that were "Administratively Down" or "Out of Service" were previously reported as having a status of "Unknown". These ports will now report a status of "OK".
The VMWare ESX Disks (Storage) and VMware ESX Disks (IPMI) connectors are now automatically deactivated if the SMI-S Compliant RAID Controller connector applies to the monitored system.
Monitoring Sun/Oracle servers: when monitored through their ILOM card, voltage sensors no longer trigger false alarms. Also, when monitored through their ILOM card, the PredictedFailure parameter is now properly collected.
The "Linux - Multipath" connector was wrongly activated on all Linux systems even though the system did not have any MPIO configuration and the multipath command line utility couldn't be found.
The PM was unable to transfer and execute the embedded files, therefore connectors using the embedded files would not be used even though they pass the platform detection test.
On IBM DS3000, DS4000 and DS5000 Series storage systems, physical disks with the status of "By-passed" are now discovered and an appropriate alarm is generated.
The HP Insight Management Agent–Server connector (MS_HW_CpMgServNT.hdf) triggered temperature alerts due to invalid thresholds.
Some Sun SPARC systems do not report the color of the LED. Without the LED color, the product was unable to set the appropriate alert thresholds. BPM Express for Hardware now looks at the description of the LED to determine proper thresholds if the color is not available.
On EMC Clariion and VNX storage systems, failed (or disabled, or removed) storage processors and controllers are now properly reported as such.
On HP BladeSystem c7000 chassis, some temperature sensors were not properly discovered.
IBM DS3000, DS4000, DS5000 Series Storage Systems: The name of the temporary file to store the output of the SMCLI command on the RSM was not generated properly. As a result, the monitoring failed with an  “index out of range” exception.
An issue leading to an infinite loop when trying to discover the Emulex HBA cards on servers running UNIX or Linux, prevented the product to collect hardware information and displayed the following message in the Application Collection Status parameter: "SentrySoftware-HardwareSentry-solution.Javaheapspace:SentrySoftware-SEN_HW_MAIN".