BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware

Release Notes for v2.9.20

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What's New

LUNs can now be monitored on VMWare ESX5i / vSphere 5 host servers.
Blade monitoring: A new parameter (Power State) has been added to the Blade application class to indicate whether a Cisco UCS blade chassis is currently On or Off.

New Connectors

IBM AIX - usysfault: This connector reports the status of the System Attention LED and triggers an alert when this LED is turned on. The alert remains until an administrator manually acknowledges the status of the System Attention LED.
IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC): This connector allows administrators to monitor the overall health of IBM AIX servers through the Hardware Management Console (HMC). It reports the status of the System Attention LED and triggers an alert if a hardware problem has been reported on each system since 0:00am.
HDS USP/VSP Storage Systems: This connector more accurately reports on the status of Hitachi HDS USP/VSP Storage Systems. It requires direct SNMP access to each system.

Changes and Improvements

The SMI-S Compliant HBAs connector has been modified to report on link speed and statistics.
HP ProLiant Servers running VMware ESX: BPM Express for Hardware now collects a real time power consumption value from either the VMware ESX CIM agent or HP Insight Management Agent for VMware ESX.
Cisco MDS9000 Series FC switches: BPM Express for Hardware now supports link speeds in Kbits/s.
A bug in the SSH interactive client prevented management cards to be properly monitored.
The property propertynet.sentrysoftware.bpm.hardware.disabledConnectors can now be applied to all hosts.

Fixed Issues

Data Domain Storage Systems: Due to the structure of the Data Domain MIB, specific strings in a Physical Hard Drive's serial number could cause a disk to report an unknown status.
Dell PowerEdge Servers: the physical disk instances were not attached to the proper disk controller instance.
HP Servers Running ESX: Disk controllers and their batteries are now properly discovered even when no information on their model or serial number is available.
IBM AIX Servers:
The monitoring of the network cards could cause network delays.
Power failures were not detected on IBM AIX servers. To solve this issue, the IBM AIX - Common connector has been updated and two new connectors have been created: IBM AIX - usysfault and IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC).
IBM x Series Servers: On rare occasions, duplicate processor instances could appear in your monitoring environment because the IBM Director Agent reported each processor twice. The IBM Director Agent 6.x - Linux and IBM Director Agent 6.x - Windows connectors have therefore been modified to properly identify these erroneous instances and excludes them from the monitoring.
The port status for link down ports had been modified in VMWare ESX 5.5, which caused the VMware ESXi 4.x connector to falsely report port failures.
Logical Disk (LUN) monitoring is no longer performed with the SMI-S HBA Connector to avoid duplicate LUN instances.
The connection using the SNMP v3 protocol was not working properly.
IBM TS3100/3200 and Dell TL2000/4000 Tape Libraries: Tape drive mounts were incorrectly reported as errors, which resulted in false alerts to be triggered on the Error Count parameters.