BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware

Release Notes for v2.9.25

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What's New

BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware now monitors the overall CPU and memory status of Oracle/Sun Solaris 11 servers.
A new configuration property (IPMI Timeout) is now available to allow users to override the default timeout value for executing a single IPMI command.

New Connectors

Several connectors were added to the current version of BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware. They enable the product to fully monitor the following systems:

Pure Storage FA Series (SSH) to monitor Pure Storage FA Series via SSH.
QLogic HBAs - ESX to monitor QLogic HBA adapters on ESX servers.
EMC Isilon to monitor EMC Isilon systems.

Changes and Improvements

Dell CMC: The blade's hostname was added to each blade display ID.
EMC Disk Arrays: The connector no longer verifies the presence of disk. This reduces the workload on the EMC SMI-S Provider and reduces the risk of the connector failing to query the EMC SMI-S Provider.
IBM BladeCenter Chassis: Embedded switches, passthroughs, and management modules are now monitored.
The IBM Storwize (SSH) connector supports IBM Storwize v3700 systems.
SPARC Enterprise Mx000 (XSCF): Negative voltage sensors, such as -12V, are discovered.
WMI - HBA Connector:
The connector now uses the LUN's naa.ID to identify LUNs. Using the naa.ID helps link LUNs to the Storage System's volume as they share this unique identifier code.
The connector displays the disk's Windows MPIO ID as well as the drive letters and partition names of any volumes on that LUN. A typical LUN ID will therefore read: naa.60616043312F05A4308DC65F111 (MPIO Disk0 - C:(OS) D:(Data))

Fixed Issues

Adaptec Storman Connector: The connector supports a new Physical Disks command output to prevent some physical disks to be missing.
Hardware WMI Exceptions in RSM Log: The Network card (iLO management cards) Status is now properly monitored and the error message "The Specified datatype is invalid" will no longer be appearing in the RSM log file.
HP Insight Management Agent - Server - WBEM: The connector removes all temperature thresholds of zero to avoid unwanted temperature alerts.
HP-UX WBEM Network: The link status for the HP-UX network cards was always "Unknown".
HP-UX System: On some cases, the value of the Error Percent parameter of the Network class was not reported correctly.
IBM Storwize (SSH): LEDs were not reporting all faults on both v3700 and v7000 systems.
IBM ServeRAID Disks Monitoring:
To prevent battery-controller association issues, a more reliable method has been implemented to associate batteries to their related disk controllers. Successful activation of this connector will automatically disable the previous monitoring method (SMI-S based).
The status code returned by the IBM Director Agent for the controller’s battery was occasionally misinterpreted as degraded.
SPARC Enterprise Mx000 (XSCF): False voltage alerts were triggered due to incorrect thresholds.
Sun SPARC servers running Solaris:
False alarms were triggered on LED instances.
Invalid values were reported or false alarms were triggered for temperature and voltage sensors.
Windows MPIO LUNs Monitoring: Because Windows regularly changes the unique identifiers of LUNs and physical disks, false missing/present alerts could occur for LUNs and duplicate instances could appear. To solve this issue, the WMI - HBA connector now uses the LUN's naa.ID, which is unique and does not change.
VMWare ESX: Individual memory sensors listed under "Other" sensors in the vCenter/vSphere configuration tab are now monitored by BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware.
Windows - DiskPart: On Windows systems, the DiskPart connector was causing a thread/handle leak in the VDS.EXE process (Virtual Disk Service).