BMC Performance Manager Express for Hitachi Disk Arrays

Release Notes for v2.0.00

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warningOwing to structural changes, an automatic migration from version 1.0.00 of BMC Performance Manager Express for Hitachi Disk Arrays is not possible. Users of version 1.0.00 should remove the PM from all elements and completely uninstall the PM  before uploading and installing v2.0.00.

What's New

The new Time Since Last Activity parameter reports the number of days since the last read or write operation has been observed on the monitored volume.
The new Transfer Bytes parameter reports the amount of data transferred in Gigabytes.
The Current Controller parameter, which indicates which controller is owned by the volume, replaces the Owning Storage Processor parameter.
Two new application classes were added to BMC Performance Manager Express for Hitachi Disk Arrays: SEN_HDS_SMISPROVIDER and SEN_HDS_SMISPROVIDER_MANAGEDARRAY.

Changes and Improvements

Better integration with BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management: Application Classes and Key Performance Indicators are now automatically enabled and set when importing a BMC Portal adapter into BMC ProactiveNet.

Fixed Issues

When the property NumberOfBlock is empty or equal to 0, the PM automatically uses the ConsumableBlock property to compute the Host Visible Capacity parameter for each volume.