Dell Compellent KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v1.2.00

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What's New

The capacity allocated to storage tiers, as well as the capacity consumed, are now available in the SEN_CMPL_DISKCLASS application class.
The version of Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager is now available through the Provider Version InfoBox of the SEN_CMPL_ENTERPRISEMANAGER application class.
The disk speed is exposed in revolutions per minute in the InfoBox of the SEN_CMPL_DISK application class.
New macros can be used in Alert Actions:
%{CONTEXT}: Path of parent instances up to the root path.
%{IP_ADDRESS}: IP Address of the storage system in an abnormal state.
%{PROBLEM}: Display name of the object that the faulty instance is attached to.
In order to optimize the monitoring on large environment, users can now customize the discovery and the collect processes timeouts by using two new configuration variables: discoveryOperationTimeout and collectOperationTimeout.

Changes and Improvements

The password algorithm encryption is now handled by the PATROL Agent.
The System Output Window (SOW) messages generated by Dell Compellent KM are now saved in the SEN_CMPL_debug_km_*.log debug file when the debug mode is activated.
Alert Actions:
Event messages have been improved to provide more meaningful information.
Specific PATROL Events triggered upon failures now also specify the alert origin (ApplicationClassName.ObjectID.ParameterName).
The Present parameter was removed from the SEN_CMPL_TEMPERATURE and SEN_CMPL_VOLTAGE application classes.
Reinitializing the KM removes all the SEN_CMPL_<HOSTNAME>_oldInstances-<PATROLAGENT>-<PORT>.dat files.
Performance has been improved for the collection of the Disk class parameters.

Fixed Issues

Dell Compellent KM for PATROL could not be loaded when using a version of the PATROL Agent lower than v.9.5. This issue is now fixed.
Java Settings - User Selection: the username entered in the "Java Settings" dialog box was not properly saved in the configuration.
An exception could occur when no disk folders were discovered for the storage center.
The value reported for the ResponseTime type of parameters was inaccurate due to a conversion error.