EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v4.1.03

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What's New

EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL now fully supports EMC NAS 8.1.0.
In order to optimize the monitoring on large environment, users can now customize the discovery and the collect processes timeouts by using two new configuration variables: discoveryOperationTimeout and collectOperationTimeout. See the Configuration Variables section for detailed information.

Changes and Improvements

The System Output Window (SOW) messages generated by EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL are now saved in the SEN_EMC_debug_km_*.log debug file when the debug mode is activated.

Fixed Issues

Before each re-initialization of the KM, EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL backs-up the latest PATROL Agent configuration and save the data in a timestamped configuration file. The number of configuration backup files can rapidly use a large amount of space on a server. To avoid this situation, EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL will now only save the latest configuration backup under the %PATROL_HOME%\config directory.
The data gap that occurred after the discovery for the DiskTimeUtilization and the ResponseTime parameters (CLARiiON and VNX physical disks only) has been fixed. Parameters are now accurately reported.
An error in the name of the target folder prevented EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL from saving the debug output file on UNIX systems.