EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL

Release Notes v4.1.06

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Changes and Improvements

The password encryption algorithm is now handled by the PATROL Agent.
The calculation method of the SpareDiskCount parameter (SEN_EMC_ARRAY) has been improved to report more accurately on the number of spare disks available in the array.
The IQN (iSCSI Qualified Name) is now handled for host mappings. When available, IQNs are displayed in the Hosts parameter of the SEN_EMC_VOLUME_CLAR or SEN_EMC_VOLUME_SYMM application classes.
The EMC SMI-S provider v.8.x could crash when unsupported VNX/CLARiiON requests were executed. To prevent this issue, the faulty requests are now ignored.
EMC CLARiiON Response Time: A number of 10 (or less) collected I/Os between two data collects is not sufficient to accurately report on response time for EMC CLARiiON's controllers, physical disks and volumes. In that case, EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL sets the ResponseTime parameter for these application classes (SEN_EMC_CONTROLLER_CLAR, SEN_EMC_PHYSICALDISK_CLAR, SEN_EMC_VOLUME_CLAR) to 0 to avoid triggering irrelevant alarms.
The conversion method used to calculate units for ResponseTime parameters has been improved to report accurately on the actual collected data.
The error message originally triggered when the Storage Pool’s size was invalid has been removed. All related information is now available in the SOW (System Output Window) and in the debug log file (%PATROL_HOME%\log), when this option is enabled.

Fixed Issues

Java Settings - User Selection: the username entered in the "Java Settings" dialog box was not properly saved in the configuration.
False alerts were triggered on the ResponseTime parameter of spare disks.
No alert actions were triggered on statistics parameters even though the number of times thresholds could be breached was reached.
EMC Disk Arrays KM for PATROL could experience timeout issues when collecting statistics from EMC VMAX3 storage systems through the EMC SMI-S provider version 8.
Error messages displayed by the CollectionStatusInformation parameter (and in the debug log file: %PATROL_HOME%\log, when this option is enabled), have been improved to distinguish connection issues from server failures.