Hitachi Disk Arrays KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v1.3.00

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What's New


Two new reports are available: Per Host Storage Allocation and Per LUN Storage Allocation. They report on the volume of storage allocated to each monitored host/LUN.
Administrators can now know how much storage is being allocated to each host while running the LUNs Mapping Table report.
The new TimeSinceLastActivity parameter reports the number of days since the last read or write operation has been observed on the monitored LUN.

Changes and Enhancements

The Debug mode was modified to ensure BPPM 9.x compatibility
It is now possible to force the KM to use a non-Sun or non-Oracle JRE by setting the /SENTRY/SEN_HDS/disableJRECheck variable to 1 in the PATROL Agent's configuration. Please note that Apache JRE is not supported.
KM Commands:
The KM commands menu has been reorganized.
Adding Connection to Hitachi Device Manager: This KM Command is now also available in the SEN_HDS_SMISPROVIDER_CONT application class.
The "Usage Reports" KM command has been renamed "Reporting".
The "Restore Device Monitoring" KM command was renamed "Restore Monitoring". The user interface was also simplified to reduce the number of operations required to restore the monitoring of a component.

Fixed Issues

The Restore Monitoring KM command lists devices to restore even when the SMI-S Provider was removed from the monitored environment.

Known Issue

When the parameter NumberOfBLock is empty or equal to 0, the KM automatically uses the ConsumableBlock parameter to compute the host visible capacity for each volume.