Hitachi Disk Arrays KM for PATROL

Release Notes v1.4.05

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What's New

Support for Hitachi VSP Gxxxx Series.

Changes and Improvements

Host information is now available for mapped volumes.
The password algorithm encryption is now handled by the PATROL Agent.

Fixed Issues

Java Settings - User Selection: the username entered in the "Java Settings" dialog box was not properly saved in the configuration.
The ReadOperationPercentage and WriteOperationPercentage parameters of the SEN_HDS_VOLUME application class were not collected properly.
The ReadCacheHitRatio and WriteCacheHitRatio parameters of the SEN_HDS_CONTROLLER application class were not computed correctly.

Known Issues

The Consumed Capacity returned for Hitachi VSP Gxxxx Series volumes is not accurate due to a bug identified on the Hitachi API.
Collect issues may occur if Hitachi VSP Gxxxx Series Storage Systems have been previously attached to a different SMI-S provider for other purposes such as provisioning. To solve this collect issue, you will have to upgrade your version of Hitachi Device Manager to version 8.2.0.-03.