IBM DS3000, DS4000, DS5000 Series KM for PATROL

Release Notes for v1.2.00

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What's New

IBM System Storage DS5020 is now fully supported.
The KM now supports unlimited debug file size. In previous versions, the debug file size was limited to 500 MB.
Logical Drives Monitoring: it is now possible to disable the monitoring of all the logical drives of a system to limit the number of instances created and therefore reduce the system resource consumption.

New parameters

The new TimeSinceLastActivity parameter reports the number of days since the last read or write operation has been observed on the monitored LUN.
The PreferredOwnerStatus on the SEN_I345_LOGICALDRIVE class reports whether the volume is still owned by the configured preferred storage processor upon the latest collect. An alert is triggered when the volume is NOT owned by the configured storage processor). No alert threshold is set by default.
The PortCount parameter in the SEN_I345_SUBSYSTEM class reports on the number of FC and Ethernet ports in the subsystem.


Two new reports are available from the SEN_I345_MAIN, SEN_I345_SUBSYSTEM, SEN_I345_LOGICALDRIVE_CONT application classes: Per Host Storage Allocation and Per LUN Storage Allocation. They report on the volume of storage allocated to each monitored host/LUN.
Administrators can now know how much storage is being allocated to each host while running the Logical Drives Mapping Table report.

Changes and Improvements

Java Settings: The options available in the Java Settings dialog box have been renamed to: Automatic, User Selection and Manual.
The KM commands menu has been reorganized.
KM Reinitialization: A backup of the PATROL Agent configuration is now performed and saved in the $PATROL_HOME/config directory before a reinitialization of the KM.
To facilitate the understanding of the debug log content, a separated debug file is now created for each monitored system. A generic debug file is also available for reporting on  generic information. Note that the debug size is now unlimited.
The Restore Device Monitoring KM command was renamed Restore Monitoring. The user interface was also simplified to reduce the number of operations required to restore the monitoring of a component.

Fixed Issues

Logical drives for IBM System Storage DS5020 are now properly discovered and monitored.
The ConsumedCapacity (SEN_I345_ARRAY) parameter for IBM System Storage DS5020 could potentially report negative values.
Controllers for IBM DS3524 are now properly discovered.

Known Issues

An incorrect calculation of the Subsystems capacity lead to zero values for the Subsystems AvailableCapacity and SubscribedCapacity parameters.
IBM DS3000, DS4000, DS5000 Series KM for PATROL used to erroneously report IBM DS4700 models as DS5020.