BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management - Symantec NetBackup Storage Monitoring

Release Notes v2.8.03

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What's New

Database Status: New attribute added to check the availability of NetBackup database (NBDB).
New attributes added to the NetBackup Jobs monitor:
Active Backup Reduction displays the reduction in number of active backup jobs (Active Backup Count) between collection cycles.
Queued Backup Count displays the number of backup jobs in 'Queued' state.

Changes and Improvements

Erroneous Exit Status filter: the filter is changed to support both failure and erroneous filters. They are used for setting Job State to Failed (10) or Error (6) state respectively.
NBUDatabaseCollector: The collector now searches all backup jobs in the NetBackup database to determine the last database backup and set Backup Elapsed. Previous versions were searching only in the new backup jobs since the last job collection cycle. The alert conditions on Backup Elapsed are also turned back on to trigger alerts if there are no database backups found or if they are too old.
Two new states added to the State attribute of the Policy monitor type:
oInactive policy is monitored by setting State to “Inactive”.
oNext backup of each active policy is calculated and if jobs were not started as per the schedule, State will be set to “Not Started”.
Two new states added to attribute State of the monitor NetBackup Robotic Drive to trigger alarms through Status:
When robotic drives change to AVR mode, they will be alerted by setting State to “Invalid”
If a previously discovered robotic drive is missing, State will be set to “Missing”.
Backup job report is stored and shared between collectors to avoid rerunning bpdbjobs command.
Robotic libraries and drives discovery commands are shared and optimized for performance.
Collectors are synchronized to reduce the load on the agent while using the data as they become available.
Unnecessary debug messages are removed.
Faster KM failover in clustered NetBackup environment. The server discovery interval is reduced from 5 minutes to 40 seconds, which speeds up detecting server level changes as well as clustered NetBackup server failover.
The KM Status report now provides collector/discovery collection time information as well as additional performance details. This report is stored under PATROL_HOME/lib/NBU/km_status.txt on all managed nodes.

Fixed Issues

On Unix platforms, daemon collector command & arguments are modified to return only the relevant daemon lines from the process list. This corrects an error in setting the attributes for Process Count, Memory Size, CPU Utilization & CPU Duration.
Incorrect border alarm on Media Scratch Count triggered alerts when there are more 100 scratch media. The border alarms are now removed to stop the inappropriate event. Also the border alert on Media Available Percent is removed to stop alerting when the value is unknown.
An error in a script made the KM fail to calculate the scratch count affecting Media Scratch Count & Media Available Percent attributes.
Duplicate client instances were created when clients were configured with short hostname and fully qualified hostnames. The client collector now takes the first occurrence of such clients and ignores the other duplicates.
In BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration, it was not possible to set any instance limit to 0 for disabling the component. This is now corrected to accept 0.
In clustered NetBackup systems, passive nodes run as media server and change to master during failover. The KM did not detect this node type change without an Agent restart. Node changes are now applied during the next collection cycle and all collectors are refreshed immediately.
Error reading “Failed to obtain lock on SOWLogWriteLock” was repeatedly displayed in the NBU.log on Windows managed nodes. The log file NBU.log is now rotated successfully.
When configuring the KM from BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration, the debug logs were kept locked on Windows managed nodes even after the debug was turned off. This is now corrected, and the debug logs can be removed without an Agent restart.
If any of the commands used by the KM failed to return a required field, the KM failed to process the remaining fields in the command output. The missing field are now ignored.
When upgrading the KM from v2.7.x to v2.8.x, some of the instance level KM configuration data stored in the PATROL configuration were not upgraded.
The exclude expression filters in BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration configuration GUI did not take effect without include filters.
In clustered NetBackup servers, when a cluster node failed to report the cluster status, the KM changed to “Temporary Single-node Mode” without checking the KM status on the other cluster nodes. The KM now checks the remote node status prior to changing monitoring mode.