BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management - Symantec NetBackup Storage Monitoring

Release Notes v2.8.04

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What's New

NBU-356: Two new attributes, Media Loaded Empty Count and Media Loaded Empty Percent, have been added to the NetBackup Volume Pool monitor type, to monitor the number of empty media loaded to a robotic library and its percentage out all loaded media.
NBU-424: Symantec NetBackup Storage Monitoring now supports Symantec NetBackup v7.6.
NBU-425: Symantec NetBackup Storage Monitoring now supports Windows 2012.
NBU-500: It is now possible to customize the NBU log scan limit from CMA.

Changes and Improvements

NBU-355: To avoid redundancy, the Media Empty Count attribute of the NetBackup Volume Pool monitoring type has been removed since the Media Unassigned Count attribute now reads the correct empty media count.

Fixed Issues

NBU-342: A compatibility issue prevented the KM to operate when the PATROL Agent v9.0.20i was run with the PATROL Config Cache support.
NBU-357: False alerts were triggered on the Status attribute of the NetBackup Client monitor when the monitoring solution failed to ping the NetBackup client.
NBU-358: On Windows systems, if the PATROL Agent installation path contained spaces, custom KM scripts and commands with output redirection failed.
NBU-359: No statistics were collected for the library media on Linux platforms.
NBU-364: Scripts and commands used by Symantec NetBackup Storage Monitoring now support bash shell platforms.
NBU-377: Alerts were sometimes not triggered for missing NetBackup daemons.
NBU-386: False alerts were triggered on the Backup Elapsed attribute of the NetBackup Databases monitor when the last catalog database backup could not be found.
NBU-387: Alarms were triggered on the Up Down Status attribute of the NetBackup Disk Pool monitor and on the Node Status attribute of the Symantec NetBackup KM monitor even though no disk pools were configured on the NetBackup Media Server.
NBU-436: The Media Scratch Percent and Media Available Percent attributes of the NetBackup Robotic Library monitor were not properly calculated and occasionally exceeded 100%.
NBU-443: The Sudo configuration in the sudoers file must be modified for Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Linux to prevent NetBackup commands failures (see Security Requirements).
NBU-487: Clients were not discovered correctly on Symantec NetBackup v7.6. The relevant command has been modified to fully support the new  Symantec NetBackup version.
NBU-493: Full and incremental domain level backup summary parameters were not set correctly, preventing the product to properly monitor backups at the policy and policy client levels.
NBU-501: The status report file of Symantec NetBackup Storage Monitoring is now suffixed with the Agent port number to avoid overwriting it when multiple virtual Agents are used.
NBU-502: The Login Status attribute was in warning due to an incorrect configuration variable used while checking the active cluster node.
NBU-503: The Microsoft Cluster active node was not properly detected when the product was operating in multi-node monitoring mode.
NBU-516: The main discovery cycle was irregular due to an asynchronous default KM discovery interval. It is now reduced to 30 seconds to avoid such irregularity.