TrueSight Operations Management - Monitoring Studio

Release Notes for v9.2.00

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What's New

Advanced variables can be configured through CMA, both at the host and global levels.
Nagios Plugins Integration: Monitoring Studio now supports the monitoring of the metrics resulting from a local or remote Nagios plugin execution via the new Nagios Plugin Monitor.
E-mail alert actions can be configured through CMA by configuring the SMTP server and Group Alert Actions in CMA.
Numeric Extractions: Numeric values enclosed in single (') or double(") quotes can be considered as a single column. Any applicable separator found within these quotes will not be considered as a column separator.
Command Line Analysis: A new attribute has been added (Exit Code) to report on the exit code returned by the executed command.
Folders Monitoring: A new feature is now available to configure Monitoring Studio in order to automatically clear or keep alerts triggered on time-based attributes when the monitored folder is empty; and to set, reset or ignore these attributes' values.
Multi-Parameter Formula: It is now possible to leverage values from other monitored KMs' parameters (attributes). This feature enables you to extract values from other monitored KMs' , compute them with a mathematical formula and use the value returned to perform additional operations, such as converting units, perform correlation, etc.
Advanced Settings: Global and host-level Advanced Settings allow changing default configuration variables that are not available through the standard interface. A list of supported configuration variables is provided in the Reference Guide.

Changes and Improvements

Group Alert Actions: Command line alert actions configured at the Group level are run on the PATROL Agent node.
Alert Actions: Command line alert actions configured at the Host or Monitor level can be executed locally.
The maximum number of bytes that can be read in a log file is set to 32MB. This limit can however be customized by setting the maxFileSizeRead advanced variable.
Remote UNIX/Linux host monitoring: Monitoring Studio now offers the possibility use private key and passphrase-based SSH authentication for connecting to remote UNIX/Linux hosts.

Fixed Issues

Agent Configuration Import: The multi-parameter formula monitor was not properly imported.