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Release Notes for v9.3.00

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What's New

PSL Commands Analysis: Monitoring Studio now supports PSL commands. The PSL Command Monitor makes it possible to execute PSL commands and analyze their result.
Windows Event monitoring now supports regular expressions for selecting and acknowledging specific event messages.
Multi-Parameter Formula:
supports the following new functions: swTableJoin(), swGetMaximum(), swGetMinimum(), swGetAverage().
it is now possible to create a String Search or a Numeric Value Extraction for this Monitor.
The Web Request Analysis Monitor now uses a java-based engine to improve performance and flexibility.
Proxy Settings: this new Global Advanced Settings option was added to let you configure the proxy server to be used to execute Web requests.
The Discovery Status and Discovery Time attributes were added to the Monitoring Studio monitor type to report on the global discovery.

Changes and Improvements

Folders and Command Lines: remote monitoring is now fully supported on Windows 2003.
Web Requests (POST - Web Service): Environment variables can now be used when specifying the path to the 'Web Service Body'.
Monitoring Studio's overall performance and responsiveness have been greatly improved to better handle large configurations.
Using invalid Java credentials prevents data collection. The message displayed in the annotation of the Collection Error Count attribute and in the KM debug file now clearly identifies this Java settings problem.
The folder where temporary files are stored is now emptied during the initial discovery cycle and temporary files are deleted at the end of each collection cycle.

Fixed Issues

Monitoring Studio now supports multiple alert actions used in combination with macros when importing a PATROL classic configuration into a CMA policy.
When the polling interval was set to 'once a day' or 'once a week', no data was collected after the first discovery.

Known Issue

Multi-Parameter Formula: Parameter path 'A' is not recorded in the version 10.5 of BMC TrueSight Operations Management.