TrueSight Operations Management - NetApp Storage Monitoring

Release Notes for v3.2.06

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What's New

The iQN (iSCSI Qualified Name) is now handled for host mappings. When available, IQNs are displayed in the WWN column of the LUNs Mapping Table.

Changes and Improvements

NetApp Storage Monitoring now handles the discovery of an unlimited number of LUNs. All LUNs are now displayed in the BMC TrueSight Operations Management platform.
Performance has been improved for the collection of Volumes, SIS Volumes, Disks and LUNs metrics.
The conversion method used to calculate units for some duration-based attributes, such as Read Response Time, Write Response Time, Response Time, etc., has been improved to report accurately on the actual collected data.
The Consumed Capacity attribute of the NetApp Aggregate Monitor Type now corresponds to the sum of the Consumed Capacity of all its volumes.
To optimize the data collection duration for Cluster Volumes, Cluster LUNs, and Cluster Disks, it is now possible to define the maximum number of instances processed by performance requests.

Fixed Issues

In Cluster mode (C-mode), the discovery of aggregates (NetApp Cluster Aggregate) failed when the value for the RAID attribute was not available.
The value of the Temperature attribute (NetApp Temperature) was not collected when the temperature sensor status was missing.
NetApp Volumes were not properly discovered in NetApp MetroCluster environments.